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My adventure as an artist began when I started working in a locksmith's workshop in Upper Silesia, where I could develop my own ideas in my spare time. The first designs of knives and swords, which I still keep in my collection, were created there. I never thought that after years of retirement, I would have the opportunity to fully focus on my passion and share it with the world.

The soul of my products is patience and time to create something unique and beautiful.

For knives and swords, I still use the secret Damascus steel, legendary from the Middle East.

Its unique properties position it as one of the hardest and most durable materials, and its unique appearance transforms everyday objects into works of art. In my workshop, I personally weld two types of steel to obtain a flexible and durable material, but also to be able to create personal, unique patterns on it.

Each of my works is the result of years of perfecting the workshop, often by trial and error, but thanks to this, each product is authentic and unique. I am a searching person, striving for perfection, so after mastering one technique I quickly feel unsatisfied, which pushes me to further experiments.

Between studio and home, I am a member of the Association of Polish Artists Blacksmiths, where I run courses and seminars on forging and shaping Damascus steel.

I dedicate my works to people who feel individualistic and in the world of mass production, they are looking for magical and unique items.

People who can say, "I have a dream. I would like you to help me realize them.”

Selected exhibitions, seminars and shows

October 2022 - February 2023

Participation in the exhibition at the District Museum in Rzeszów entitled "The Master and the Apprentices"


- June - July participation in the exhibition commemorating 45 years of Krzysztof Panas's activity.


- Participation of Krzysztof's son in exhibitions:

His diploma work was shown at the international blacksmith exhibition Hefajston.

- And at XV National Review of Distinguished Diploma Works of Art Schools - Diploma 2020-2021 .


- I conducted a training in Shaping patterns of Damascus steel in Przywidz



- Exhibition in the Gdańsk City Hall Exhibition of works on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Museum "". Water Forge in Oliwa

- Forging show combined with training and an exhibition of works for . Gdańsk Water Forge Museum in Oliwa

- Damascus steel forging training for students of the Art School in Rzeszów,

2017 - 2021

- Participation in international meetings of blacksmiths Hefajston in the Czech Republic at the Helfsztyn Castle.

From 2017

- Participation in the international event Central Europe Knives Exhibition in Warsaw.


- Museum of Fortifications and Weapons Arsenał Disciples of Hephaestus an exhibition devoted to blacksmithing and blacksmiths from the beginning of the Iron Age to modern times .


- Training at the national blacksmith rally in Wojciechów, where together with master Krzysztof Panas we presented Japanese weapon forging techniques


- World enchanted in metal, nationwide exhibition of artistic blacksmithing Art Gallery Glaza Expo Design in Gdańsk.

Since 2014

- Participation and exhibition of Blacksmith plein-air during the St. Dominic in Gdańsk.

Since 2013

- Participation in National blacksmith meetings in Wojciechów .