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Abbout me

Abbout me

I was educating in the ages of Polish People's Republic, It was simply called "ironworker". I was learning in Vocational School, Then i finished technical school.

during that time, i was working in the best factories of upper silesia. Here i was able to learn everything about materials and tools form our wise specialists. Here, during the breaks, my first knifes and swords were made. In those days there were no need for handmade knifes, but some of these knives are still in my collection.

The most "spectacular plot twist" in my life wen when i first saw the movie "Enter of the Dragon". Training martial arts, And rising skill over every year, was my reason for next 30 years. I shared my time between my family, teaching and learning martial arts, passion, and working in the police. In the police i served in counter-terrorist combat section. After i retired i could finally return to my old passion.

Currently, I make handmade knives. With source of income i can completly devote myself to my passion of knifemaking, without need to hurry. I have both time and patience to create beautifull things. Mostly, im making knives from damascus steel and mosaic damascus. I love this material! Its botch exacting and unique. Im doing a lot of experiments to find new materials, and better solutions. After i master one skill, i quickly feel the need for more, the need to make something even better, nicer and more interesting. Then, i return to my workshop and start new experiments . Many of my "experiments" gets trashed, thats the priece i must pay on my way to perfection. Sometimes its quite heartbreaking, when after weeks of work, the final product deos not meet the expectations. But there are also pleasant moments. The greatest prize for my work is not the money, but delight shown by my customers after they see the final product.

I dedicate my works to the people who feel themselves as individualists. To people who doesn't feel satisfied with produsct of mass production. To persons who are not afraid to say "I have a dream. Sir, I would like you to to help me in realizing this dream". To units with dreams and open mind.

Beautiful quote which i found in the web:

"When you buy from the Artist,

Craftsman or creator, you puy something more than just item,

You buy hours of defeat


Frustrations and moments of pure joy.

You not only buy the item,

You buy a priece of heart,

Priece of soul and moment of someones life.

But most importantly, you buy more time for the artist

So they can make something with passion..."

I sign myself under this quote, with my both hands.